Car wrap - print and vehicle wrapping

We offer ready and verified solutions of large-format prints on film dedicated for wrapping cars, lorries, trams, buses, trains, boats, yachts etc. The prices are valid at orders of minimum 20 m2 and print filing the whole width of panel (of a roll: width 135 cm x 50mb). We recommend original 3M material ensuring highest quality available in the market and comfortable, fast and durable wrapping. We also present cost-effective solutions. All below materials are already included in the cost of print in HP latex technology ensuring very high durability, flexibility, photographic quality of print and resistance to UV. However, at vehicles we recommend using laminate for additional protection against mechanical damage. HP latex technology gives us possibility of print lamination immediately after taking out from the printing machine. Solvent does not have to evaporate from the print within 36-48 hours as in case of solvent print. Latex print is water-based, fully odourless, ecological and safe for human.

The valuation below does not include cost of providing wrapping service which is calculated individually in dependence on the kind of vehicle and difficulty in application of film.

All prices are in EUR without taxes (EU export) LOCO/EXW POLAND.

Prints on film for wrapping of: buses, trams, flat walls and surface of cars such as refrigerated truck, container etc.:

We recommend: Polymer film 3M™ at Controltac™ 40C + laminate AVERY DOL 3000 = EUR 18 / m2
Polymer film 3M™ Controltac™ 40C + polymer laminate Ikonos = EUR 19 / m2
Monomeric film AVERY MPI 3000 + laminate AVERY DOL 3000 = EUR 10 / m2

Prints on film for wrapping vehicles with light curvature and embossing:

We recommend: Cast film 3M™ Controltac™ IJ180Cv3-10 Comply™ v3 + cast laminate 3M™Scotchcal™ 8518 = EUR 30 / m2
Cast film 3M™ Controltac™ IJ180Cv3-10 Comply™ v3 + cast laminate Ikonos = EUR 28,5 / m2
Cast film 3M™ Controltac™ IJ180Cv3-10 Comply™ v3 + polymer laminate Ikonos = EUR 22,75 / m2

Prints on film for wrapping vehicles with deep embossing, 3D and for the most difficult applications:

Our recommendation: Cast film 3M™ Envision™ 480Cv3 + cast laminate 3M™ ENVISION™ 8548G = EUR 36,3 / m2
Cast film 3M™ Envision™ 480Cv3 + cast laminate Lam Cast Ikonos 50+ = EUR  33,5  / m2
Cast film Ikonos Cast 38 +cast laminate Lam Cast Ikonos 50+ = EUR  24,30  / m2


Full descriptions of the above products are on proper subpages:
Prints on film oraz laminate and lamination

The latest technology of print: HP latex of the third generation, highly resistant to scratch and to UV radiation (exceeds with parameters such as durability of print from hard solvent maintaining the highest photo quality, even in production modes).
Capacity: 50 m2 (mode HQ - photo quality) - 75 m2/h (production mode) = 1200 m2 - 1800 m2/24h
Machine Park: the latest innovative plotters for latex print HP latex 360 printing in photo quality. Precise plotters cutting along the contour of SUMMA. Reliable laminators KALA Mistral.
Experience: 15 years in the sector

3M MCS Warranty logoWe are a certified manufacturer of latex prints on 3M film covered by 3M™ MCS™ Warranty

Drukarnia is the property of Agencja Reklamowa CONTACT, which as the second company in Poland meets high quality standards and has passed the whole certification process of 3M™ MCS™ Warranty programme positively. Our prints in HP latex technology on 3M™ film are covered with international warranty of this manufacturer: 3M film and 3M protective laminate on approved printers including HP Latex.