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We are a certified manufacturer of latex prints on 3M film covered with 3M™ MCS™ Warranty. is the property of Agencja Reklamowa CONTACT, which as the second company in Poland meets high quality standards and has passed the whole certification process of 3M™ MCS™ Warranty programme positively. Our prints in HP latex technology on 3M™ film are covered by international warranty of the manufacturer: 3M film and 3M protective laminates on approved printers, including HP Latex.


The 3M™ MCS™ Warranty – the protection promise for your branding.

3M™ MCS™ is the first and the most extensive warranty in the advertisement market which ensures optimal maintenance of graphics during the whole period covered by warranty. When selecting products with 3M ™ MCS ™ warranty you are absolutely sure about graphics on interior and exterior large-format prints. You can be sure all components used for production of graphics have been designed and selected in order to obtain optimal efficiency and that they have been tested for functionality and durability. 3M™ uses its products in a wide range of climatic conditions and therefore it is able to provide reliable statements confirming their durability in all countries of the world.

3M grands warranty on ready graphics on 3M film, laminates and efficiency of HP Latex ink. This is the most comprehensive warranty in LFP (Large Format Printing) brand. In addition, Authorised Partner 3M, manufacturing graphics has been qualified in accordance with 3M ™ MCS ™ warranty and meets high requires imposed by national and international brands.

What graphics can be made in accordance with 3M ™ MCS ™ warranty? Promotional graphics on floors. vehicles and buildings, signboards and boards, branding in a point of sale, on fairs - 3M offers a wide gamut of products and innovations in order to ensure you perfect solution for actually each kind of application. For long-term and short-term applications, for interior decoration or promotion outside, for small budget and prestigious projects.


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Scope of 3M ™ MCS ™ warranty

With 3M ™ MCS ™ warranty you can count on verified system of carefully manufactured components. In the unlikely case of failure of graphics, you can be sure your claim will be settled quickly. Within the framework specified by warranty and period (which is defined by combination of film, laminate, used ink, application and climate zone) 3M will contribute to regeneration of the damaged graphics. In order to obtain more information, read the manual of application of MCS ™ 3M ™ warranty.