Prints and pictures on canvas

All prints on textiles are made in HP Latex technology which offers extremely broad possibilities of creating prints placed both outside and inside buildings, considerably exceeding what can be reached on traditional ecological printers or on printers with water-based ink. We offer print of the highest quality in very durable, odourless, ecological, bright and vivid prints which is perfect for interior decoration (photo wallpapers, pictures on canvas), Odourless prints fulfil high standards of environmental protection - perfect for hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, flats. In case of larger orders of print on canvas or production of pictures - we offer attractive price discounts. Upon the request, we send samples.


A.Berger FineArt canvas Miro 4443-56 360g/m2 is a product of the highest quality of German production intended for print of reproduction of high quality. This is a natural product which consists of cotton in 100%.

Weight: 360 g/m2
Possibility of protection of print: liquid laminate ART Verniks
Material: does not fray, is perfectly flat with natural canvas structure, adjusted to latex print, product natural in 100% cotton
Application: reproductions, pictures

Material Large format latex print. Material plus print.
price for 1 m2
1 - 10m2 over 10m2 Prices for regular customers and Advertising Agencies
A.Berger FineArt canvas Miro 4443-56 360g/m2



are individually negotiated.

Product technical sheet: bergertextil_product_datasheet.pdf
Website of the manufacturer:

Pictures on canvas /


We offer pictures on canvas made in the highest quality.
We make products in the highest quality of photographic latex print with ecological, certified latex ink GREENGUORD Gold Certification Latex Inks. Pictures printed on natural, 100% cotton, Canvas intended for print of reproduction of high quality, are pulled over pine stretchers. Owing to printing side edges, the picture is ready for hanging without any additional frames. There is a possibility of additional protection of products of high quality with liquid laminate ensuring several dozen years of lifetime inside. There is a possibility of creating a composition of pictures from one photo e.g. triptychs. On request, we can make a picture of any size up to 140 cm (shorter side). It is possible to make a picture e.g. 500 cm x 140 cm. In the table below exemplary sizes are presented. Visit our online shop in which you can configure your own picture freely:

Picture / Fotoboard Formats Exemplary size of the picture Price EUR 


Latex print in photographic quality on canvas of high quality.:

A.Berger Fineart canvas Miro 4443-56 360g/m2
stretched on pine looms of good quality
ready picture of high quality.


Note: the price is: EUR 54,00 per 1 m2, while the minimum price for the ready product is EUR 12,00 gross.


squares 30 cm x 30 cm 12,00
40 cm x 40 cm 12,00
50 cm x 50 cm 13,00
60 cm x 60 cm 19,00
80 cm x 80 cm 35,00
classic - rectangles 30 cm x 40 cm 12,00
40 cm x 60 cm 13,00
50 cm x 70 cm 19,00
60 cm x 80 cm 26,00
70 cm x 100 cm 38,00
80 cm x 120 cm 52,00
panoramic 60 cm x 30 cm 12,00
80 cm x 40 cm 17,00
140 cm x 70 cm 53.00