Application of prints on PVC / Dibond

Prints are applied on PVC or Dibond (alupanel 3mm) with the use of precise machine Mistral 1650 of French company Kala. The machine features Cround Roller technology, which gives perfect even distribution of pressure on the whole length of rollers. This ensures application without wrinkles in 100%. Maximum width up to 150 cm. Thickness: 5mm. The width above 150cm and thickness above 5mm PVC or Dibond is applied manually with the use of squeegee.

Perfect for boards, signboards, kitchen and bathroom panels, pictures etc.

(does not include cost of applied prints)
All prices are in EUR without taxes (EU export) LOCO/EXW POLANDMaterial PVC / Dibond plus service of precise application
Price per 1 m2
1 - 10 m2 over 10 m2 Prices for regular customers and Advertising Agencies
PCV 1 mm 8,75 7,00

are individually negotiated.

PCV 2 mm 9,75 8,75
PCV 3 mm 12,50 11,25
PCV 5 mm 18,25 17,00
PCV 8 mm / Dibond 3mm 24,50 23,50
PCV 10mm 28,00 26,50

The prices given are net prices, VAT (23%) must be added. Prices include PVC cost (Dibond) and application service. Prices do not include cost of print and stickers. Cost of application on material other than PVC such as foam, cardboard, sheet: cost of material plus EUR 4,00 /m2.