3M MCS Warranty logoWe are a certified manufacturer of latex prints on 3M film covered by 3M™ MCS™ Warranty

Drukarnia DPSdruk.pl is the property of Agencja Reklamowa CONTACT, which as the second company in Poland meets high quality standards and has passed the whole certification process of 3M™ MCS™ Warranty programme positively. Our prints in HP latex on 3M™ film are covered by international warranty of the manufacturer: 3M film and 3M protective laminates on approved printers, including HP Latex.



Drukarnia Wilekoformatowa dpsdruk.pl - we are a manufacturer of large format latex prints.


You omit intermediary margin by ordering print at us. Large format printing house and DPSdruk.pl brand is the property of Agencja Reklamowa CONTACT with 15 years of experience in advertising, designing, creation and production.

The latest technology of print: HP latex of the third generation, highly resistant to scratch and to UV radiation (exceeds with parameters such as durability of print from hard solvent).
Capacity: 50 m2/h (photo quality mode) - 75 m2/h (production mode) = 1200 m2 - 1800 m2/24h
Machine Park: the latest innovative plotters for latex print HP latex 360 printing in photo quality. Precise plotters cutting along the contour of SUMMA. Reliable laminators KALA Mistral. Machine Park is supplemented by Japanese plotter MIMAKI JV33 for cost-effective large format print.
Experience: 15 years in the sector

All prices on this WWW are in EUR without taxes (EU export) LOCO/EXW POLAND.

HP latex360 w drukarnia wielkoformatowa DPSdruk.pl

We print in large format technology of latex print on the latest plotters of the third generation HP latex 360. This is the best available technology of large format print in the world at present. HP Latex ink is water-based and combines the best features of solvent and water-based ink. It ensures very high resistance to scratch and durability to UV radiation - over 5 years without protection with laminate (durability higher than at hard solvent). Above average very high quality is the unquestioned advantage. Prints made with HP Latex ink dry completely inside the printer and comprise a durable picture which may be, in dependence on the needs, exposed, laminated, finished or sent.

HP Latex technology offers extremely broad possibilities of creating prints placed both outside and inside buildings, considerably exceeding what can be reached on traditional ecological printers or on printers with water-based ink. Print of the highest quality in very durable, odourless, ecological, bright and vivid prints is perfect for interior decoration (photo wallpapers, pictures on canvas), trwałych oznakowań zewnętrznych (szyldy, banery, siatki, wrapping of cars, buses and covering exterior plaster and bricks, backlit, citylight). backlit, citylight). Odourless prints meet high environmental standards - perfect for hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, flats. Material durability is better than in case of ink with eco solvent, and even on case of hard solvent. Graphics placed on vehicles have 3M™ MCS™ warranty.


Large format latex prints

We have implemented the latest technology of ecological and innovative latex print ensuring the highest quality of bright and vivid prints with certified, ecological latex ink. We print only on original and verified materials.

NOVELTY! Graphic cast film 3M™ Envision™ 480Cv3 dedicated to the most difficult applications.

Large format printing house and DPS Printing Solutions brand is the property of Agencja Reklamowa CONTACT.. We ensure comprehensive service of the order and conscious responsibility of our agency team for each stage of the order execution. We offer large format prints, of the highest quality, only on original materials. Banners, mesh, film, car cast film, canvas, photo wallpapers, billboards, posters, photographs for exhibitions, roll-ups, pictures and reproductions. We offer services such as: covering cars, shopping windows, boards, applying on PVC, billboards, plafonds, advertising structures together with assembly.

If you are looking for an offset printing house, offering print of high quality in affordable prices, you must visit our offset printing house:
Printing house Elbląg - offset print - leaflets, posters, brochures, catalogues, folders, calendars

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Fotoboard.com.pl is the assurance of bright and vivid prints of the highest quality with certified ecological latex inks supported by 15 years of experience in designing and creation. We print only on original and verified materials in photo quality. You omit intermediary margin by ordering directly at us.

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