Order processing:
tel. +48 55 621 21 21
faks. +48 55 621 21 26

mobile phone (numbers available to 4 p.m.)
+48 725 33 15 15 (English)
+48 722 00 15 15 (German)
+48 501 493 107 (Russian & English)
e-mail: [email protected]

Transfer details:
Agencja Reklamowa CONTACT, 82-300 Elbląg, ul. Mikołaja Firleja 27

account EUR: Deutsche Bank S.A. no: PL 55191010482259017267380002|SWIFT: DEUTPLPK


Sending files:
Please, send files onto server via FTP:
serwer: ftp.dpsdruk.pl
login: [email protected]
password: druk

FileZilla: free programme for FTP service

For regular customers we establish a separate FTP server with an individual login and password. Files up to 50 MB can be sent directly to e-mail: [email protected].

The latest technology of print: HP latex of the third generation, highly resistant to scratch and to UV radiation (exceeds with parameters such as durability of print from hard solvent).
Capacity: 35 m2/h (photo quality mode) - 50 m2/h (production mode) = 840 m2 - 1200 m2/24h
Machine Park: the latest innovative plotters for latex print HP latex 360 printing in photo quality.
Experience:15 years in the sector

Constant cooperation and discounts:
For regular customers we provide attractive discounts arising from turnover. The discount is granted on the basis of turnover for the previous month or quantity discount from the present order. Large orders are negotiated individually.

Terms and conditions of cooperation for Advertising Agencies:
In order to obtain a special price list for Advertising Agencies contact us and send registration documents indicating business profile. We offer a probe of prints on the most popular material. „No name” probe for Advertising Agencies.

Caution! Minimum order equals 1m2


Deposit 50% of the order value payable to the account before starting the production. Remaining 50% of the order value payable on the day preceding the shipment or at delivery of goods. Payment terms and trade credit are available after 3 realised orders. Terms and conditions are negotiated individually. All prices are in EUR without taxes (EU export) LOCO/EXW POLAND.

Ask us.

Execution dates (consult by phone please):
Standard execution date (at normal workload of machines and at placing the order until 11 a.m.) equals 2 working days for print plus 1 working day in case of lamination or wrapping on PVC.

Orders placed until 11 a.m. can be realised for the next working day for express (for technological reasons it does not concern car cast film or pictures). Extra charge +30% of order net value.
Standard execution date equals 2-4 working days.

For non-laminated print we grant 24-month warranty for fading and maintaining colour saturation. In case of inward processing with laminate, properly longer. We do not grant warranty on materials and their mechanical damage or caused by faulty application of material onto the ground. We do not guarantee repeatability of colours in reprint from the same file. Colours visible on the monitor can considerably differ from the ready print. We offer assistance in calibration of professional graphic monitors with printing profiles applied on our machines.

Complaints must be submitted in writing by e-mail. Complaints will be considered for a maximum period of 24 hours.

Agencja Reklamowa CONTACT from Elbląg is the owner of DPS brand and machines..